Who We Are And What We Do

Who We Are and What We Do…

Established in 2012, Tennessee Limb and Brace is a fulltime and patient-friendly, family-owned and operated, professional healthcare practice. Precision Prosthetic and Orthotic services are provided exclusively by Certified and Licensed professionals: Barry Dee Davidson, CP, LPO, and Cody Daniel Whittaker, CPoa.

Both prosthetists are specifically educated and trained to manage comprehensive prosthetic patient care for those with sustained complete or partial limb loss or absence. TNLAB is for those in need of precision/custom-designed and fabricated limbs(s) and/or body braces and specialized training. Barry and Cody assess and use specific Patient needs to formulate and implement treatment plans and provide essential follow-up care.

Barry Davidson

Barry Davidson


Cody Whittaker

Cody Whittaker


Prosthetic Fitting

Our Mission

We Serve

  • The specialized physical and life adjustment needs of our Patients . . . and of their families and supporters.
  • The professional and focused communication needs of our Healthcare Providers.
  • The support and development needs of our National, State, and Regional Healthcare Affiliations.

We Treat …

  • Every caller, every visitor, and every referring Healthcare Provider and Support Staff Member with careful attention, courtesy, and utmost respect.

We Aim …

  • For precision and perfection in the measurements, fabrication, and delivery of every limb and brace.

  • To help each Patient and Patient Support Team accept and make the most comfortable and productive use of our prosthetics and orthotics products and services.

Please let us know ASAP if any of the above ever fails to be your experience.

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Our core values


We are 100% focused on providing quality services and attention at every level of need for every Patient, Patient Family, and Patient Support Team


Every aspect of Patient care treatment, guidance, and support is provided as if we were assisting members of our own families.


We are proud of being able to provide the highest quality of personalized precision-crafted products and services available anywhere.


Our Patients can count on full attention, support, and understanding every step of the way from both our office and professional services staff.